My former student, Maisara Mujip

I received a blog comment from my former students at SMK Majakir, Papar, Sabah one day in 2008. These two girls were the ones who always helped me to organise events for the English Language Society back in 1999. Their effort and endless help was certainly a boon to this young English teacher back then. Melannie Mujip, fondly known as Milan, was the best student for my subject while her other two buddies, Afflicia Soudi and Norliliana Abdullah, did try their best to match her in this language subject.
I was deeply astonished by her good command of language despite growing up in a small village. Never did in my short teaching span I bump into an outstanding kampong girl who could write flawless essays, which to a certain extent, made me speechless. I am still keeping her composition book until today.
Back to present, she is now a prosperous Internet entrepreneur who makes a living out of rubber stamps! What a unique idea she has. Her business is expanding and I fervently hope that she would be financially independent one day.
Above are the pictures of her wedding together with her other classmates, Irfan, Syahran, Afflicia and Liana. Lastly, I hope that she will be blessed with some children who can make her marriage more blissful. Insya Allah!
P.S. Her blog can be accessed HERE.


Farewell Party 2009

My students in Form 5 Xenon decided to throw a farewell party to all teachers and staff before they sit for their SPM from 18 November. After a long discussion, they chose the volleyball court as the venue for the event as the school administration prohibited any class party to be held in the building as it might attract rats and cats. I gave a donation of RM50 to the party organiser, Syahirani, for her to buy all the necessities for the big event. Everything was done as planned and we felt that all staff and teachers did enjoy their meals as nobody complained of our unique dish, ‘Thai Rice.’ Before the party was over, the class monitor gave me a decent gift and it turned out to be a lamp clock.

SPM course for fifth formers.

The Excellence Teachers’ Council of Tanah Merah Education Department conducted a course for the SPM candidates on Saturday, August 1, 2009. The course was held in the main hall of SMK Tanah Merah 1 from 8 a.m to 1 p.m. On that day, the excellence teachers covered two main subjects i.e. Additional Mathematics and English in which each session lasted for two hours. During these sessions, the students were given a set of questions to answer and later they discussed the answers with the teachers involved. Every participant was charged RM10, which I found quite reasonable and affordable. Next week, the council will conduct another course for the three pure science subjects.

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Medal giving ceremony

My hot student, Arawaniey, had been in the athletics team since she was in Form 3. However, she failed to win any medal in the last three championships that she had taken part. She often came close to get the podium finish but the lady luck was not by her side, so she had to settle for the fourth or fifth places in most of the events that she took part. Since I still kept extra medals from the previous athletics meets, I took the initiative to reward her with a silver medal for her participation and cooperation. I wish her all the best in whatever sport event that she will take part in the future.

My naughty student

This boy decided to snap a photo with me while I was teaching English that night. I think he wanted to show off his new mobile phone to me. According to him, his latest Nokia handphone is worth RM1300. Hmm…. I guess his father is a rich man who doesn’t mind spending lavishly on the latest gadget in town. OK, Faiz Amin, I wish you all the best in your future undertakings and do not play around as your SPM is just around the corner. One more thing, don’t play truant as you have skipped a lot of lessons so far. Enter your class and concentrate more on your lessons.