The best punishment ever…

Punishing errant students is part and parcel of a teacher’s job. Academically-inclined students always follow their teachers’ instructions but it doesn’t mean that they are like angels all the time. There are times where they also fail to submit their homework and make a disappearing act for the reasons known only to themselves.

Actually, I hate to punish my teenage students as they might retaliate against me. A friend of mine got his brand new car scratched after he had caned a boy who skipped his Mathematics class last year. I did also cane my undisciplined students in order to teach them a lesson. Thank God, so far none of them has sabotaged my property.

Last month, a bunch of students in the first class in Form 5 did not hand in their essays despite being given ample time. I was tired of meting out the same punishment to them. So I thought of asking them to wrap my books in the study room. I managed to find 18 books and then took them to school to be given to those students. In the end, all of those books were carefully wrapped by them. But this sort of punishment is carried out to the girls only as the boys preferred a few strokes of rattan instead!

In a nutshell, be careful with the types of punishment that you wish to mete out to your students.


Why Do My Pupils Play Truant?

I am teaching English Language to the last class in Form 5. I should call this class as 5 XYZ. Being given the responsibility to teach these low achievers is certainly a burden for me as their predecessors did not produce good results in the 2011 SPM with only 3 of them managed to pass the English Paper.

Despite being in Form 5, I cannot use the specified syllabuses for fear that they are unable to understand my lesson. As a result, I have to resort to using a primary school English syllabus to engage them in my lessons. Little did I know that the boys especially, could hardly understand my words although I use simple English during lesson. In contrast, the girls seem to be more attentive and give their full cooperation.

One Thursday afternoon, I noticed that five boys were missing from my class. Their classmates told me that they were hiding in the computer lab right after the previous lesson. I waited for them for thirty minutes but they did not show up. Wow! I’ve got an idea. I would make an announcement through the public address system. So I went down to the school office to call them in. However, they were so stubborn that they only appeared 10 minutes before the lesson was over. As a punishment, I gave the five strokes of rattan each on their buttocks with the hope that they would turn over a new leaf. But they never listened to me. This morning, another three boys from the same group skipped my lesson to join their lower form friends in the canteen.

The big question is, how can I eradicate this truancy among my SPM candidates who are not aware of the importance of English in their life?

School gives meals for just RM1

Sekolah Kebangsaan Kulai pupils enjoy nutritious food under the 1Malaysia Canteen programme

KULAIJAYA: THE Johor Education Department has introduced a new food menu where students can enjoy a meal by paying just RM1 under the 1Malaysia Canteen programme.

Aimed at easing the burden faced by parents, the idea, mooted by Kulaijaya district education office, is set to be the first of its kind in the country.

It has the support of a food supplier, SEIA Enterprise, which operates a canteen at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kulai near Kampung Melayu here.

Under the programme, pupils will have a choice of nasi lemak, mee or nasi goreng, together with a kuih or a bowl of cereal snack mixed with milk.

A glass of drink complements each meal.

Apart from the usual daily menu, every fortnightly, on Wednesday, SEIA will prepare a menu, comprising food from the various ethnic groups in the country.

Pupils will be fed with the necessary information so that they will know more about the food.

Kulaijaya district education officer Fauzan Sukimi said the programme adopted the 4K2M concept, encompassing cleanliness, quality, quantity, cheap, friendliness and cheerfulness.

“With the slogan ‘students come first, quality a priority’, I believe it can strengthen the ties among pupils of different races in the school.”

The programme was also supported by state education director, Mohd Nor A. Ghani, he said at the launching of the programme.

Present were state education department deputy director Hasidin Zaini and SK Kulai headmaster, Norsiah Ismail.

The school has 918 pupils.

Radin Syahmi Radin Suhaimi, 10, a Year Four pupil, said he was happy with the programme as he would be able to save his pocket money.

Another pupil, Nurazirah Bakhtiar, 10, echoed Radin Syahmi’s sentiments, saying she was looking forward to try food of other races.

Source: The New Straits Times

PPSMI: Shocked over crash-landing approach

THE education minister had announced that students currently studying Science and Mathematics in English would be allowed to do so until they complete their schooling.

It was also reported that with this soft-landing approach, the teaching and learning of these two subjects in primary schools would be carried out fully in Bahasa Malaysia in 2016 while at the secondary school level, this would happen in 2021.

What is being implemented in some schools seems to contradict the minister’s announcement.

At SK Bukit Gelugor in Penang, Year Four students were first given Science and Mathematics textbooks in English. A few days later, they were asked to return the books and were given textbooks in Bahasa Malaysia instead.

The students were told that the teaching of Science and Mathematics would be in Bahasa Malaysia but that the students could answer examination questions in English.

This shocked many students as they have been taught the two subjects in English for the past three years. What is supposed to be a soft-landing approach has become a crash-landing.

Students in other schools are also facing the same dilemma as the students at SK Bukit Gelugor.

Why is it that after nine years of the implementation of the policy on the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI), we are now faced with a chaotic situation?

The Education Ministry must take prompt action to sort this out in order to allow PPSMI to continue. Schools are supposed to facilitate the teaching and learning process but it looks like schools are hampering this process.

Dua orang bekas pelajarku maut dalam kemalangan

RANTAU PANJANG, 10 Dis 2011 – Hasrat tiga rakan baik makan bubur Asyura di Golok, Selatan Thailand, tidak kesampaian apabila dua daripada mereka maut kemalangan di Kilometer 10, Kampung Kuala Itik, Jalan Rantau Panjang, Panglima Bayu, kira-kira jam 10.20 pagi semalam.

Berikutan kejadian, Mohamad Aiezat Sharifuddin,21, dari Kampung Jerangau, Tanah Merah yang duduk sebelah pemandu dan Lukmanulhakim Che Kamaruddin, 21, dari Kamung Cherang Lali, Tanah Merah, penumpang belakang maut di tempat kejadian.

Pemandu Proton Iswara, Sazali Muhamad, 21, cedera parah kepala dihantar ke Hospital Daerah Pasir Mas sebelum dirujuk ke Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) untuk rawatan lanjut.

Kenderaan yang dinaiki tiga sahabat ini remuk teruk bahagian depan penumpang dan belakang kereta.

Kemalangan dikatakan berlaku apabila mangsa yang melalui selekoh Kampung Kuala Itik tidak dapat mengawal kenderaan lalu merempuh bahagian hadapan lori dari arah bertentangan.

Pemandu lori, Mohd Azman Omar, 28, berkata, sebaik sampai beberapa meter dari tempat kejadian, dia curiga melihat kenderaan dipandu Sazali Muhamad kerana seperti hilang kawalan.

Menurutnya, dia memperlahankan kenderaan dan percaya akan dilanggar kerana jarak kenderaan mereka ketika itu agak dekat.

“Saya sempat memperlahankan lori dan melihat kereta berpusing, serta tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa hanya menunggu apa yang akan berlaku ketika itu.

“Selepas menghentam bahagian penumpang, kereta tersebut jatuh ke tebing,” katanya yang masih terkejut dengan kejadian tersebut.

Mohd Azman berkata, dia turun melihat keadaan mangsa dan kembali ke lorinya kerana tidak sanggup melihat keadaan mangsa ketika itu.

Menurutnya, dia dan Azmi tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan cuma terkejut dengan kejadian tersebut.

“Disebabkan kemalangan pagi ini, kami batal hasrat ke Kedah untuk mengambil ayam yang sepatutnya dijangka sampai pagi esok dan kembali semula ke Kota Baru sebaik selesai kerja di sana,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Ketua Bahagian Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Daerah Pasir Mas, Deputi Superintendan Makhetar Yaakob mengesahkan kejadian.

SPM is back! Are you ready, boys and girls?

SPM is back! For this year, my school produces 125 candidates from four classes of form 5. As usual, girls outnumber boys. My respectable principal, Madam Sabariah, has entrusted me with three 3 classes. The first, third and the last. Well, she is my boss and a good teacher needs not to be choosy. But the last class gives me a slight challenge in teaching a few absent-minded boys who refuse to listen to me while I am teaching. Frankly speaking, I am able to educate an academically challenged student, but to make a lazy brat to absorb my lessons is indeed an uphill task. Last year, there was a form 5 student whom I thought could not get through this public exam as he was barely able to compose a decent Bahasa Melayu composition, what more an English one, which is still perceived as a foreign language by some students of mine. Nevertheless, he managed to score an ‘E’ for my paper and a credit for mathematics. His name is Azam, and he truly lives up to his name.
As an SPM secretary, I have to set the exam hall ready by rearranging all the desks and chairs. For this task, I got some help from Class 5 Aurum. The job was done in 3 hours. Before that, we had the ‘solat hajat’ session with all parents of form five students in the morning. Then, we had a special ceremony called ‘majlis izin ilmu,’ loosely translated as ‘knowledge blessing ceremony’ in which all subject teachers gave their last tips to the candidates. Finally, the teachers and pupils shook hands and asked for forgiveness.
So, come 18 November 2009, my students will go to the battlefield prepared. Insya Allah.
And on the following day, please repeat the previous year’s achievement, 100% passes in English at the SPM level. The first ever in the district of Tanah Merah, Kelantan. And who contributed to the feat? Me, a TESL graduate from the University of Malaya………….

Hari Raya Open Day at My School

My school organised Hari Raya gathering last week. So, this post has been postponed to make may for another important post. It’s okay. So, on the flittering, fateful day, all male teachers donned their new ‘baju melayu‘ or Malay suit while their female counterparts dressed in their usual ‘baju kurung’. The students also wore the same attire. It was a grand affair indeed as we were treated to a sumptuous array of foods and delicacies such as ‘rendang‘, ‘ketupat‘, ‘lemang‘, ‘satay’, roasted lamb, biscuits, cakes and fried mee hoon. Our principal also invited school administrators from the nearby schools and the officers from the District Education Office.