Siapa kata jadi cikgu senang?

Sape kata jadi cikgu SENANG? Bila kamu jadi cikgu..Baru kamu tau susahnye jadi cikgu..

time pertandingan bola.. cikgu jd REFEREE..
time aktiviti KH.. cikgu jd PETANI..
time kutip yuran.. cikgu jd AKAUNTAN..
time RMT.. cikgu jd PELAYAN..
time budak pecah kepala.. cikgu jd DOKTOR..
time ceramah.. cikgu jd MOTIVATOR..
time hias kelas.. cikgu jd PELUKIS SENI..
time persembahan hari guru.. cikgu jd PENYANYI..
time baiki kerusi rosak.. cikgu jd TUKANG KAYU..
time budak muntah dlm kelas.. cikgu jd TUKANG SAPU..
time budak mencuri.. cikgu jd DETEKTIF..
time perkhemahan.. cikgu jd MASTERCHEF..
time hari kantin.. cikgu jadi PENIAGA PASAR MALAM..
time masuk waktu solat.. cikgu jd TOK IMAM..
time budak bergaduh.. cikgu jd HAKIM MAHKAMAH..
time budak sakit kecemasan.. cikgu jd PEMANDU AMBULANS..
time merentas desa.. cikgu jd POLIS TRAFIK..
time budak sedih.. cikgu jd PELAWAK SARKIS..

Semuanya ada pada CIKGU =]


Selamat tahun baru 2012 kpd rakan2 blogger

Jikalau ada…
Kekasaran & kesilapan..
Sekeras terjahan Rizal Fahmi..
Sekencang tendangan Shakir Shaari..
Selicik larian S.Chanturu..
Setajam tandukan Piya..
Sebisa kaki kiri Roya..
Sestyle gerakan Mat Yo..
Semegah pasukan The Red Warriors..
Saya mnta maaf banyak2..
Tiada menang, tiada kalah..
Draw 0-0 yer..
Selamat Tahun Baru 2012!! 😉

Happy birthday to me……

I turned 38 on 19 May 2011 and here I want to share this happy moment with all of you. Prior to my birthday, I received a birthday card from my hearing-impaired friend in Penang, Izwan Bahrudin. As he is currently unemployed, he only could only send me a card (please see the picture above). But to me, the card is more meaningful than a gift.

On my birthday’s eve, I received a long distance phone call from my Singaporean friend, Razak Abdullah, who is also a Muslim convert. I last met him when he came to Kelantan in mid 2008. On top of that, he also sent me an SMS which goes like this:

‘Receive my simple “GREETINGS” wrapped with “LOVE”, tied with “CARE” and sealed with “PRAYER” to keep you “SAFE”, “HAPPY” and “HEALTHY” always. Happy Birthday!

Then, my former student, AP, promised to give me a small commission for posting an advertisement of his Blackberry Torch on which was successfully sold to a buyer from Machang. At first, I declined to accept the amount but he insisted on my taking it as a small token of appreciation for teaching him since he was in Form 3.

What I like most about facebook is that it reminds our friends about birthday. So from midnight I received continual sms alerts from facebook mobile on my hand phone. So many are the greetings posted on my facebook wall that I might take one week to reply to them with personalized messages.

But the best thing of all is the MMS sent by my beloved wife on this Thursday morning wishing a Happy Birthday to her other half!

My car has been washed

I bought this Proton Wira while I was still teaching at SMK Majakir, Papar, Sabah back in 2001. Upon knowing the outcome of my transfer application from the school clerk there, Puan Dayang Salmiah, I quickly asked my brother- in-law to book for this model in Kota Bharu with the hope that when I came back to my state, I would be able to use it to commute to my new school. However, it did not materialize as I had to borrow his Mazda for two weeks before my new car arrived.
When it was still new, I always washed and polished it almost every week. But now, I only do it once a month. To make it even worse, I only send it to the nearby car wash centre to get it cleaned as I was lazy to do it alone. After all, I only have to pay RM15 for this service and while waiting for my turn, I can read a newspaper.
The moral of the story is, love your car even though it is already old as it has given a considerable amount of help to you. I am not sure when I can buy a new car as money is always a hindrance to me especially when my three daughters are growing up and more money is needed to pay for their daily expenses and education.

My current blogger template

Dear friends,

I have finally settled with this template as I find it very awesome and eye-catching. I found this blogger template at Yes, choosing the right template to represent your identity is not an easy task. After going through an exhausting trial-and-error process for three day, I felt that it was enough. There are so many beautiful templates available for free which can definitely make you spoilt for choice. If I were to fiddle with templates every day, I would not have free time for myself to do other things. So, for the time being, I do hope that you find this template suit my blog and of course its owner!

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Feed your blog to twitter and more

Right now, I am killing three birds with one stone. So do u want to know why I am writing this? Actually, I have integrated the three services namely blogger, twitter and facebook under the same roof. When I post a blog on blogger, the post will also appear in the other two sites. This means you will get to read the same update in three sites. It not only saves time and energy, but also draws more traffic and responses to the sites involved. So if you want to try out this great service, simply check out this site:
I hope everything is clear. Thanks.