A birthday gift from a facebook contact

Facebook is definitely the best platform ever for people to search for their long lost friends, classmates, family members, relatives and even ex-lovers. It depends on us on how we are going to utilize this social network for our own purposes. As for me, I did manage to find many new friends who would keep in touch with me though we might not be able to meet face to face.
Last few months, I approved a boy named Muhammad Danial who hailed from Puchong, Selangor. He was actually looking for an English Language teacher who could help him with his mini thesis. So I was like a godsend for him. As we were far away, I agreed to be his cyber tutor who would be ready to answer all types of questions pertaining to his problems in grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. I did help him a little though I was busy with my job and family commitments.
As I was about to celebrate my 38th birthday anniversary on 19 May, this young man made a surprise for me by buying me a shirt that I could wear to school. It was not that expensive but his thoughts really touched my heart. It is a rare occasion for me to find a good person online who will appreciate my little kindness with a great token of appreciation like what Danial has done. Thanks again for the present.

What Is A Friend?

A friend is someone you hold dear:
Someone who is always there, through thick and thin;
Someone who is only a phone call away.
A friend is someone you can always rely on:
Someone who is there to share your thoughts with;
Someone to listen, no matter the subject.
A friend is someone you can feel comfortable with:
Someone you can sit silently beside, without conversation;
Someone you do not need to fill the quiet moments with.
A friend is someone you can trust:
Someone who will guard your deepest secrets;
Someone who will never let you down.
A friend is someone who is not judgmental:
Someone who will gently offer advice and opinions,
Yet, someone who is not overbearing or critical.
A friend is someone who can keep you grounded:
Someone who can help you see through your obstacles;
Someone to shoulder you through life and trials.
A friend is someone who shares unconditionally:
Someone to laugh and to cry with;
Someone to lean on, through both the good and the bad.
A friend is someone you choose wisely,
For a friend is your own mirrored image:
Someone to compliment your own self;
Someone who indicates who you are as a person.
A friend is what you are to me.

Gerry from Sydney, Australia

We met online, had a good time,
chatted again,
and became good friends.
Time went on
And we’re still here
And I truly believe
You’re someone dear!
Here’s something I’d like to share with you,
For all of your love and kindness too,
It’s a symbol of the friendship we share together,
A friendship I hope will last forever.
And although we live so far apart
Always remember you hold a piece of my heart!
And although we live so far apart
Always remember you hold a piece of my heart!

Lin Tinosa

Ia cuma mengambil masa seminit untuk jatuh hati pada seseorang, satu jam utuk menyukai seseorang, satu hari untuk menyintai seseorang tetapi ia mengambil masa sepanjang hidup untuk melupakan seseorang.