WHAT’S the difference between talking on the handphone and smoking while driving?

Both require the use of one hand with the other on the steering wheel and it normally involves not-too-smart people who do not understand the folly of their acts.

In any emergency, I am certain that these habitual handphone users and smokers will not be able to react swiftly to a dangerous situation in time.

We have laws that prevent people from doing this, but nobody gives a hoot because of the lack of enforcement.

They are further emboldened when they know all the summonses that are issued to them will be accorded some discount sooner or later.

I find it really appalling when I see smokers happily smoking away when they have children in the car with them, exposing their children to the dangers of second-hand smoke and the risk of an accident.

As for littering, these smokers are one of the biggest offenders. But, then, who will catch them in the act?


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