READING: Sad to see teens glued to gadgets rather than books

READING is one of the best habits. Through it one can gain much knowledge. Reading will also help us to improve our lives.

Sadly, I notice that teenagers nowadays lack an interest in reading. When I take public transport, I notice they will be playing with their electronic gadgets or sending SMSes.

Otherwise, they will just look at other people or stare at something.

Teenagers should realise that reading, especially on current events, will help them relate better to the world. Reading also helps to reduce stress.

I began by reading one page a day and now reading has become a habit for me wherever I am.

Reading also acts as an energiser of sorts when I am down.

I know we can obtain quick information on the Internet, but bear in my mind that reading is more than getting information.

Reading improves our thinking and writing skills. It improves discipline and builds our self esteem, too.


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