School gives meals for just RM1

Sekolah Kebangsaan Kulai pupils enjoy nutritious food under the 1Malaysia Canteen programme

KULAIJAYA: THE Johor Education Department has introduced a new food menu where students can enjoy a meal by paying just RM1 under the 1Malaysia Canteen programme.

Aimed at easing the burden faced by parents, the idea, mooted by Kulaijaya district education office, is set to be the first of its kind in the country.

It has the support of a food supplier, SEIA Enterprise, which operates a canteen at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kulai near Kampung Melayu here.

Under the programme, pupils will have a choice of nasi lemak, mee or nasi goreng, together with a kuih or a bowl of cereal snack mixed with milk.

A glass of drink complements each meal.

Apart from the usual daily menu, every fortnightly, on Wednesday, SEIA will prepare a menu, comprising food from the various ethnic groups in the country.

Pupils will be fed with the necessary information so that they will know more about the food.

Kulaijaya district education officer Fauzan Sukimi said the programme adopted the 4K2M concept, encompassing cleanliness, quality, quantity, cheap, friendliness and cheerfulness.

“With the slogan ‘students come first, quality a priority’, I believe it can strengthen the ties among pupils of different races in the school.”

The programme was also supported by state education director, Mohd Nor A. Ghani, he said at the launching of the programme.

Present were state education department deputy director Hasidin Zaini and SK Kulai headmaster, Norsiah Ismail.

The school has 918 pupils.

Radin Syahmi Radin Suhaimi, 10, a Year Four pupil, said he was happy with the programme as he would be able to save his pocket money.

Another pupil, Nurazirah Bakhtiar, 10, echoed Radin Syahmi’s sentiments, saying she was looking forward to try food of other races.

Source: The New Straits Times


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