PPSMI: Shocked over crash-landing approach

THE education minister had announced that students currently studying Science and Mathematics in English would be allowed to do so until they complete their schooling.

It was also reported that with this soft-landing approach, the teaching and learning of these two subjects in primary schools would be carried out fully in Bahasa Malaysia in 2016 while at the secondary school level, this would happen in 2021.

What is being implemented in some schools seems to contradict the minister’s announcement.

At SK Bukit Gelugor in Penang, Year Four students were first given Science and Mathematics textbooks in English. A few days later, they were asked to return the books and were given textbooks in Bahasa Malaysia instead.

The students were told that the teaching of Science and Mathematics would be in Bahasa Malaysia but that the students could answer examination questions in English.

This shocked many students as they have been taught the two subjects in English for the past three years. What is supposed to be a soft-landing approach has become a crash-landing.

Students in other schools are also facing the same dilemma as the students at SK Bukit Gelugor.

Why is it that after nine years of the implementation of the policy on the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI), we are now faced with a chaotic situation?

The Education Ministry must take prompt action to sort this out in order to allow PPSMI to continue. Schools are supposed to facilitate the teaching and learning process but it looks like schools are hampering this process.


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