Couple obsessed with filming their sexcapades

A YOUNG couple from Grik, Perak, admitted to anti-vice officers their obsession with filming their own sexcapades on their mobile phone cameras.
Harian Metro reported the unwed pair, aged 26 and 21, made the confession to the officers, who raided the man’s quarters, at 10am on Sept 5.
They told the officers they had engaged in illicit sex over the past five years and had always filmed their sex acts.
Questioned on their marriage status, the woman became defensive and blamed her partner’s family for refusing to accept her into their fold.
She admitted that they had been living like “husband and wife” over the five years.
Grik religious department enforcement chief Jonid Abdul Bakar said the raiding team found several self-filmed sex videos in the man’s mobile phone.
The couple is being investigated under Section 54 of the Perak Syariah Criminal Enactment, which carries a fine of up to RM3,000 or two years’ jail.
Jonid said six religious officers and two Rela members raided the quarters following a tip-off.


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