Teaching Tip: Using the Web

The internet can be a valuable resource for teachers of all levels and subjects. From lesson plans, to fun activities, and research. You can also keep in touch with students and parents. No doubt the internet can be of use to a teacher. But, as a teacher, you need to be aware of what the internet should and should not be used for. The internet is a teaching tool, but not a replacement for good teaching. Perhaps finding lesson plans is the number on reason teachers like the internet.
They can readily find activities on a variety of subjects. But, don’t rely on this on a daily basis.

You must do some long term planning for your classroom. Trying to find lesson plans should only be for enrichment activities, or, in instances where you just can’t think of anything or want more. You cannot be an effective teacher if you are getting your daily lesson plans from the internet.

The number two reason that teachers use the internet is probably to get worksheets. This is where the internet shines. Free, downloadable, printable worksheets are readily found on the internet.

But again, we need to caution you. Do not go here constantly looking for worksheets.

Your classroom should actually be for the most part, work-sheet free. A lot of teachers don’t know this.

Worksheets can be a lazy way of teaching. However, worksheets are terrific for drilling on basic skills like math and language arts.

Doing daily drills on these are a good way to get students the basics. Extra fill in items, like coloring sheets and mazes are also a good idea for worksheets. But teaching with worksheets is probably not a good idea. Every good worksheet you find, save a copy and file it.

That way, you may never need to buy any worksheet books again!

Teachers can also create classroom websites. But be careful about privacy issues.

Email is the new way to stay in touch. Your school or district probably has an email set up for you. Know how to use it. Set up your parents with your email address and keep them informed. Get all parents on your email list.

You can send class updates, including projects and assignment due dates. You can also readily contact parents with concerns.

Use the internet to do some educational research. If you are having problems in class, do an online search. See if other teachers have the same problem and have solved it.

You can search the web right from here!


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