Happy birthday to me……

I turned 38 on 19 May 2011 and here I want to share this happy moment with all of you. Prior to my birthday, I received a birthday card from my hearing-impaired friend in Penang, Izwan Bahrudin. As he is currently unemployed, he only could only send me a card (please see the picture above). But to me, the card is more meaningful than a gift.

On my birthday’s eve, I received a long distance phone call from my Singaporean friend, Razak Abdullah, who is also a Muslim convert. I last met him when he came to Kelantan in mid 2008. On top of that, he also sent me an SMS which goes like this:

‘Receive my simple “GREETINGS” wrapped with “LOVE”, tied with “CARE” and sealed with “PRAYER” to keep you “SAFE”, “HAPPY” and “HEALTHY” always. Happy Birthday!

Then, my former student, AP, promised to give me a small commission for posting an advertisement of his Blackberry Torch on mudah.my which was successfully sold to a buyer from Machang. At first, I declined to accept the amount but he insisted on my taking it as a small token of appreciation for teaching him since he was in Form 3.

What I like most about facebook is that it reminds our friends about birthday. So from midnight I received continual sms alerts from facebook mobile on my hand phone. So many are the greetings posted on my facebook wall that I might take one week to reply to them with personalized messages.

But the best thing of all is the MMS sent by my beloved wife on this Thursday morning wishing a Happy Birthday to her other half!


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