A birthday gift from a facebook contact

Facebook is definitely the best platform ever for people to search for their long lost friends, classmates, family members, relatives and even ex-lovers. It depends on us on how we are going to utilize this social network for our own purposes. As for me, I did manage to find many new friends who would keep in touch with me though we might not be able to meet face to face.
Last few months, I approved a boy named Muhammad Danial who hailed from Puchong, Selangor. He was actually looking for an English Language teacher who could help him with his mini thesis. So I was like a godsend for him. As we were far away, I agreed to be his cyber tutor who would be ready to answer all types of questions pertaining to his problems in grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. I did help him a little though I was busy with my job and family commitments.
As I was about to celebrate my 38th birthday anniversary on 19 May, this young man made a surprise for me by buying me a shirt that I could wear to school. It was not that expensive but his thoughts really touched my heart. It is a rare occasion for me to find a good person online who will appreciate my little kindness with a great token of appreciation like what Danial has done. Thanks again for the present.

8 thoughts on “A birthday gift from a facebook contact

  1. selamat hari guru.

    kalau x bc entry ni, mmg x tau daddy adalah pendidik! terasa sy sgt x pedulikan kenalan siber. maaf yer.

    penghargaan buat guru sebenarnya x tergambar dengan kata2.

  2. Daddy (?) Zuki

    Curiosity brought me here. It so happened I posted something on 'To Sir, With Love'. I came when I noticed this catchy title of a film/song.

    But it is truly not correct for me to address you ad 'daddy' – half my age? Happy birthday.

  3. Al-Manar: Thanks for your visit and birthday wishes. You don't have to call me 'daddy'. It's okay to address me as “abang”. I sounds friendlier. Yes, I even used the song, 'To sir with love' in my classroom once. It works as they tend to love me more than before!

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