Bye daddy


I USED to be daddy’s girl till mum and dad decided to go their separate ways. I will never forget that fine afternoon when mum was at work and dad came home to pack his belongings with grandma nagging by his side. I was only six then, sitting there in a corner, playing with my dolls, not really sure what was going on. Daddy didn’t say a single word as he was packing but he did steal a peek or two at me, I noticed. I ran to the balcony as he left for his car but before he opened the car door, he turned and gave me that “I am going to miss you, girl” kind of look. I didn’t cry, not did I say anything, but I can never forget that moment till today and forever because deep down inside, I miss you too, daddy.
I recently came across a blog about writing stories in just six sentences. This story was written by NATALIE. Thank you.


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