My new Sony Ericsson C510

I just bought a new mobile phone on 2 May after my Symbian Nokia phone was out of service after being used for three weeks. I will report the faulty product to Dafi’s father soon and I hope he will take prompt action on this issue. In the meantime, please peruse the review of Sony Ericsson C510, my mobile companion. Enjoy!
The C510 is a smart-looking candy bar design, with a low-key front panel and some nice contrast silver and dark blue edging on the black version of the phone we tested (there’s also a silver version with grey trim). It has a slimline build, with dimensions of 107(h) x 47(w) x 12.5(d)mm, and a respectably solid 92g bodyweight. It feels good to hold and operate, the numberpad nicely set up with large, well defined and responsive keys a pleasure to press.
Unlike the more popular Walkman series, the C510 is also the forefather of Cybershot range, having adopted the index number 5**.
Sony Ericsson has also added another delight in this phone for its decdicated users and that’s called the Smile Shutter utility. It is a fascinating function that recognizes the point when a person is smiling and photographs it up automatically.
You can also make use of the Snapfish orientation that can allow you to print pictures. This feature has been especially added by the HP allowing you to give print commands from the phone itself. You can also print them by uploading on the PC which well, is an old feature.
Its major advantages inclue a UMTS / HSDPA 2100 (tri-band for the US), up to 3.6 Mbps,which can enable high speed internet connections. Moreover, one can send emails wherever they are with an Email client. It’s a hi-fi technological device with quad-band GSM phone.
The Sony C510 can empower you with the latest technology loaded with features like high speed downloads and data and feature uploads.It holds a really sleek and slim design with that oh-so-cool silver look. It is a light weight model, like W580, but slightly thicker than its brother C902, measuring 107.0 x 47.0 x 12.5 mm – quite but looks more elegant.
The ability to turn-off the LED while focusing and shortcuts at the keypad are certainly nice features, so very thoughtful of Sony Ericsson for a mid-tier phone like C510.
The Smile shutter is a fantastic addition to pull crowds. The affordable price is a full-on BANG. Check for the innovative and really interesting lens cover which keeps it clean from any kind of dust and water.
Moving on to the screen features, the 2.2″ TFT display that is featured on the front side can display up to 262.144 colours. The borders are flush with the rest of the body, as the screen lies underneath a glass-like plastic cover, along with the rest of the top part of the phone. be careful not ot drop the phone! Clear display and colours! Legibility under direct sunlight is largely hindered by the screen coating, which is rather unfortunate.


10 thoughts on “My new Sony Ericsson C510

  1. tukar sbb hp2 yg sy beli dulu rosak. sy pernah guna w660i tp terjatuh atas jln….hilang tanpa khbar berita…hp pas tu x setahannya….

  2. I lost my phone back 2 month ago!

    this time I switch to SAMSUNG from Sony Erricson…

    kata worang, wind of chance gitew.. a.k.a bertukar angin!.. hehehhehe

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