SPM Results 2009

The day finally arrived after a long anticipation by all teachers and students alike. On 11 March 2009, I went to the District Education Office with my principal and two other teachers to collect the result slips and the officers there only handed the much-awaiting envelope at 10 o’clock in the morning. My principal was not as happy as she used to be this time around. Oh! No. One student in the end class failed the Bahasa Melayu paper. This means our school could not retain our 100% passes like last year. This culprit came to my school in January last year after skipping school for three years! He did not even sit for his PMR and out of the blue the PPD sent him to my school in order to tarnish my school’s good image. In the end, not even one school in TM district got 100% passes in SPM last year. Serves them right!
As for the English Language paper, twelve students flunked the paper last year. In the trial exam 29 of them failed to make the grade, but my colleague, Zaidi and I managed to save 17 of them. Don’t compare with the 2008 performance because for the first time ever in the district of TM, a school got 100% for the English Language paper. I hope to repeat the same feat this year but the 12 weak students were stubborn despite being given some useful tips by me. Yes, I can take a horse to a lake but I cannot force it to drink the water, right?
So it’s time for attempting an uphill task this year by achieving the 100% passes for my subject. God willing, I can do it.


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