My new mobile phone: Nokia E52

Frankly speaking, I hate changing mobile phone too often as my current one was merely bought in December 2009. However, this Sony Ericsson G900 gave me a lot of problems as its touch screen was faulty so I had no other choice other than buying a new mobile phone as repairing it would mean I had to fork out RM180 from my pocket!
So, on Friday night, 26 February 2010, I asked my nephew to accompany me to KB Mall together with my two elder daughters. We left for KB at 8 pm and the trip took about one hour as the road was fairly congested due to night shopping and dining out. At first, I went to First Touch Telecommunication to ask the shopkeeper if he could repair my phone. Much to my dismay, the warranty card did not cover the touch screen. I was mad at the shop assistant but I finally gave up as I did not want another chaos take place in the shopping mall.
Then, I went to another phone kiosk to look for a new mobile phone. This time I would not buy a SE unit anymore but instead I planned to get a Nokia model. Enough is enough! I spotted a thin Nokia phone and asked the salesgirl to take it out so I could have a look. It was really love at first sight! My eyes were glued to Nokia E52 and I asked the salesgirl about its price. It’s RM814 including a memory card. To get a GPS software named Garmin installed in my new hand phone, I had to add additional RM50. On top of that, this model also has other special features such as wifi, e-mail application, 3.5G and camera. Well, money can be earned, right? But how about satisfaction? So I grabbed the phone and paid by cash.
On the way back to Machang, I stopped by McDonald outlet in Wakaf Che Yeh. It’s my first being there only to be greeted by my three former students! Yes, a popular teacher like me has ex students wherever I go. After having our supper, we went home and arrived at 11.45 pm. What a long journey! But I was so glad that I only dozed off at 2 am.


6 thoughts on “My new mobile phone: Nokia E52

  1. tapi rasa2 dlm bab saya ni..alah membeli alah memakai sbb hp tu dah kuar error kat skrin. pagi semlm gi antar kedai tp tukang baiki x ada plak. kena gi bulan dpn. tension tul……..

  2. maza pulak, hari Isnin lalu kehilangan tipon. huhuhu.. G900 gak.. tapi no problem guna tipon tu.. mungkin nasib2 org gak kot.. huhuh

    Apa yg sedihnya, bila dah hilang tipon, dgn sim-card2 sekali hilang lor.. .. so that means I lost almost every single phone number, especially no kengkawan lama2 dari kampung.. aderkkk..

    nak nangis juga lah.. huhuhu

    tapi skrg, pakai Samsung lah pulak.. tukar angin katanya..
    entahlah.. dah terbiasa G900 dgn features yg best2 juga gitew, terasa agak janggal juga dgn samsung yg baru ini..

    tapi, masa bakal menentukannya, kanzz..
    terutama sama ada kita sempat teroka dan guna semua function yg best2 itew di tipon canggih yg baru itu kanz.z hehehhee

  3. maza.. rasa menyesal plak beli henpon nokia e52 ni. mmg le functionnya canggih belaka tp manja n x tahan lasak. x sampai 3 mingu pakai dah kuar error ” phone start-up failed. contact your retailer”. alah membeli alah memakai. i rasa ditipu tul. dah la jauh2 i gi beli. nak pi KB tu satu masalah. nak tunggu hp tu siap pun lama gak. technician tu plak tau2 plak. masa hp ni rosak dia siap gi picnic di Spore. isnin ni baru kerja. seksa tul. baik la pakai hp rm80 je. biar pun cuma leh sms n call tp sampai la ni masih OK gak. I beli awal 2008.

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