Now You Can Send Free SMS Worldwide!

Think of this situation. You want to text your friend, but it seems that your mobile phone credit is running low and you don’t have any money to buy a top up card. To make it even worse, it is in the middle of the night and of course you don’t want to go out at that time just to buy a prepaid card at the 7-11 store. So what are you supposed to do?
If this situation occurs, simply go to this website, to send abundant text messages (SMSes) to your loved ones. This service is free and you can as many texts as you like. So enjoy yourselves now! This website is the largest free sms service in the States, which allows sms to be sent to any cell phone carrier worldwide via the web at no cost.


19 thoughts on “Now You Can Send Free SMS Worldwide!

  1. tul tu cik cookie….. masa kat u dulu duit ciput je…so kena pandai2 la cari alternatif utk survive… jadi kemudahan spt ini perlu dimanfaatkan.

  2. Kat Malaysia nanti 10 thn lagi kuar la benda2 canggih cam ni. Tapi yg dibuat oleh University of Liverpool ni pun boleh guna di seluruh dunia, apa?

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