My new black batik shirt and shoes

During the last annual staff lunch, all teachers in my school were given batik cloth each by Ustazah Sarini. She is an enterprising teacher who has her own company. Though I received the cloth last November, I didn’t go straight away to the tailor to get it sewn due to financial constraint and hectic schedule. But, I finally sent it two weeks ago and the old tailor told me that my new batik shirt would be ready by 6 February. It is a black batik shirt and I feel that that colour is quite dull and unattractive. But since it was given for free, I just accepted it anyway.

To complement my new image as ‘The Man in Black’, I purchased a new pair of Lee shoes last week for RM150. I hope to look 10 years younger in my new outfit. hehehheeh


10 thoughts on “My new black batik shirt and shoes

  1. salam,

    selmt bercuti cekgu… nampak elegant baju tu skali ngan kasut hitam tu…pkai sluar hitam ngan spek hitam…barula jd men in black hehe

  2. Thanks, madam nura. Some people say black is attractive. So, to keep abreast with the latest fashion in town, I think I should read GQ mag….

  3. nak cuba pakai mcm tu bila buka sekolah pas CNY holiday. Tapi silapnya mata i ni rabun jauh..pakai kejap boleh la..cuma utk photo shoot..pas tu pakai balik spek asal…

  4. Bro, if you feel uneasy while put on the batik shirt, I strongly recommend that you just packed the shirt in nice box!

    Put a ribbon on it, if necessary.

    Then go to post office!
    Paste some stamp on it…
    write down maza's address.

    After that, ask the postman to deliver it!

    so, what do u think, its practical?

  5. what a good idea u have, my bro! Bijak2.. But I don't have any complaint about the batik shirt. It is perfectly fine with me. The problem lies with the shoes which I think slightly tight for me. Susah nak masuk la Maza…mengigit sokmo…. If you want them, I will post them to you…size 8. Maza pakai kasut saiz baper?

  6. tq abe kulop… bila pakai baju batik hitam, dan segala2nya hitam teringat zaman pop yeh-yeh dulu2. rasa muda kembali spt remaja baru lepas bersunat! hehheheh

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