What a disastrous day I had!

I was about to leave for BTPN (Bahagian Teknologi Pendidikan Negeri) in Pengkalan Chepa when I realized that one of my car’s tyres was flat. The final day of The Literature Component Course for Form 4 was scheduled to start at 8.30 in the morning and I had no other means of transport to go there except by hitching a lift from female colleagues. Thank God, Kak Aini from SMK TM1 agreed to offer me a ride despite having to make a U turn to entertain my request. And off we went to the course venue and we did arrive in time.
On my way back, I had to take a public bus since Kak Aini and another teacher, Kak Han, wanted to go shopping at KB Mall. Women normally spend hours at malls so it’s better for me to go home on my home. The journey back was horrible as I had to take a further route to reach home. Instead of going straight to TM, I had to take a bus to M and later requested my older brother to take me back to TM. It’s because the bus to TM broke down and I didn’t want to spend hours at KB Bus Station waiting for the replacement. A check at the taxi station revealed that there were more drivers than passengers. Otherwise, I would have taken a taxi.
I finally arrived home at 3.30 pm. My elder sister had already picked my three daughters from school and nursery so I could spend some time napping in the evening and only woke up after Maghrib prayer. I had half an hour to take my bath and pray. My girls were at my sister’s house and I only went to see them the day after. What a disastrous day I had.


16 thoughts on “What a disastrous day I had!

  1. i'm still OK even my neighbour spoil my day
    “jerit2” to her daughter this morning like crazy woman.
    no manners laa.

  2. well, life is not just about smiles n laughters..a little bit of spice will make it more interesting don't u think so?

  3. some adults should attend parenting skills course…that's why some of my students are unteacheable despite being given simple tips to write simple sentences…

  4. salam,

    biase la tu cekgu kekadang dalam satu hari malang bertimpa2 tapi syukurlah sebab tak de perkara yang buruk berlaku

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