Dalili is now 4 years old

My middle daughter, Nur Alis Dalili turned 4 on January 17, 2010 so I decided to celebrate her birthday on a smaller scale due to the economic downturn that all Malaysians are facing right now. There was no black forest birthday this year as I had ordered a Sarawak layer cake from my former student who went back to visit her grandma in Sri Aman recently. It costs me RM25.

Then, on the fateful day, this birthday girl received a small teddy bear from her favourite kindergarten teacher, Cikgu Shima. Dalili and her younger sister, Dahlia, are fond of her as she is the one whom they will turn to when they cry. If I scold them, they will call Cikgu Shima’s name!

In the evening, I bought fifty skewers of satays for my three girls but they did not fancy this food. Lastly, my younger brother and I ended eating all the satays… It seems that my new year’s resolution of losing weight has gone to the drain.


20 thoughts on “Dalili is now 4 years old

  1. a very happy birthday to dear sweet Dalili….may you grow up tobe a faithful muslimah.
    As for daddy Zuki…jangan selalu marah dia orang nanti kena bawa cikgu Shima tinggal serumah…hahaha!
    makan satay sekali sekala…tak ngape…dua kali dua kale!

  2. Salam Daddy Zuki
    Congratulations to you on Nur Alis Dalili's 4th BD celebration. And belated Happy Birthday to Nur Alis Dalili! I believe she enjoyed the Sarawak layer cake specially flown from Sri Aman. Nur Alis is lucky to have a loving teacher like Cikgu Shima. Did the satay cost you more than the cake? Just joking… Have a nice day!

  3. I wish I could take her to the cinema. Unfortunately, there is no cinema in Kelantan. Tengok DVD cetak rompak kat ruang tamu je la…

  4. i think it's not always tomorrow…but Ramadan. I can only lose weight during this month. After raya i will pile up some fat around my abs. heheheh

  5. thanks a lot, mantan. what a coincidence. A close friend of mine in UKM also shares the same birth date as yours. but she is 30 only.

  6. on behalf of Dalili, i would like to thank u for the wishes…Insya Allah, I will educate her to be a pious daughter. hmm…kalau cikgu shima tu kecik molek mcm mila af5 dah lama i tackle. .hehehhe….tapi dia mcm maria tunku sabri la…..
    satay skrg mahal la..50 sen secucuk. 3 bln sekali boleh la makan.

  7. abang temuk,

    thanks for the BD wishes. she did enjoy the cake. i think satay is more expensive the the layer cake. we might celebrate the BD in traditional way with the yellow glutinous rice and chicken curry next year..

  8. Zukideen,
    Im 59, now. My eldest cucu Nurul Husnina is 5 yrs old.(Already have 2 cucus. The othe is Ahmad Uqail ,1.5 yrs old) So Dalili can call me Atuk Mantan……

  9. that's cool, uncle mantan. my dad was born in Sept 1941 while my living uncle in 1950. so what are u doing now? I guess it is pretty boring if u don't get yourself occupied with something interesting during ur retirement days.

  10. Zukideen,
    Nothing much. Just hapilly fulfilling my retirement days. Weekly, visiting
    my daughter, son-inlaw and my 2 cucus. They stay at JB., 3 hours driving frm
    my hometown
    One a month, to KL, visiting my youngest daughter, further he U study. Have
    to drive for 4 hrs.
    Blogging. Just telling stories about my teaching experiences. Its still

    Hows life?

  11. My life is quite hectic. ferrying my girls to school and nursery. You are free to indulge in your pastime as all of ur children are married and studying in IPTA. As for me, my 2nd n 3rd girls need more attention as they are 3 and 4 respectively. BTW, when did u first start teaching?

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