I am using Disqus Comment System!

You might have noticed that my comment system is different from the default blogger as I have just migrated to the new comment system hosted by disqus. I decided to do so as disqus is more user-friendly and interactive. I know that the default blogger comment system is popular and simple as you can easily track back the commenter’s blog since his profile is displayed alongside his comment, but disqus offers more than that. Now, let me list down some of its advantages.
1. Disqus allows comments to be made by almost everyone, unlike blogger which sometimes restricts comments from non-blogger owners. What you need to do is just typing out your name, e-mail address and blog URL. Your blog URL is optional but I strongly encourage the first-time commenter to leave his blog URL so that I can check out it later.
2. Disqus is more interesting as it functions like a threaded forum in which the blog owner and other commentators can get involved in an interactive discussion. This means I can directly reply to your comment by clicking on the ‘in reply to’ icon and it will be delivered right to your mailbox. In this case, you know that the blog owner has actually replied to your comment. In contrast, blogger default comment system does not have this feature. As a result, you have to come back to the blogs where you have left comments to check whether the owners have actually responded to your comments. This is really troublesome, especially if you have left comments in several blogs.

3. All comments made at my blog will arrive at my mailbox so I won’t miss any of your comments. To make it even more interesting, I can reply to my commentators right from my mailbox, a feature that is not available at blogger comment system. You also can do the same when my response arrives at your inbox. So, it is truly a two-way communication between you and I.
4. Now, all previous comments made at blogger can be imported to disqus. In addition, they can also be synchronized with blogger. Therefore, you will not lose the old comments made to your old posts.
5. I think that’s all for now. I hope you will migrate to disqus comment system for a better interaction with your fellow visitors. Thank you for reading this post.

20 thoughts on “I am using Disqus Comment System!

  1. tima kacih. yeah…yeah…kita boleh geng…jom kita cari ahli2 baru utk masuk geng kita ni? the more the merrier! dok gitu?

  2. salam to u in NZ,

    Yes, please do. This comment system in more dynamic than blogger. I am sure you will be fascinated to it.

  3. nampaknya kak ida kena beli laptop baru. yg sy beli ni compaq 320GB cuma RM1699. x yah beli yg mahal2 sbb kita guna nak bertenet n buat kerja sekolah aje.

  4. it's not too late to learn new tricks, IP. dari hari ke hari byk tips yg sy dpt ttg menambahbaikan blog saya ni. Mana yg sesuai sy praktikkan. mana yg x sesuai berguna sbg panduan pd masa dpn.

  5. baik u cuba…i suka disqus sbb memudahkan kerja sy nak membalas komen2 pelawat. yg bestnya komen tu pasti sampai ke emel mereka. so mereka akan rasa dihargai bila sy reply komen mrka. dok gitu?

  6. ehemm…kira2 kita ni sekepala lah ye! dulu i pernah guna disqus tp i uninstal sbb ia x leh synchronize dgn blogger. tp thn ni masalah tu dah settle so kiranya sirih pulang ke gagang lah tu!

  7. Thanks for the great info… i'm considering to get this for my blog… and thanks for your visit to my blog… and 1 more thing, I'm your Follower now.

  8. u r welcome… i hope u will install disqus soon. i will follow ur blog shortly and add ur link to my blogroll. please give me some time. all the best and happy blogging!

  9. already installed… the only problem is my previous comment was not arranged accordingly in my recent comment sidebar… but its ok… after 5 comments it will be just like normal..

  10. i am glad to know that u have already installed disqus. u have a few blogs. which blog should i follow? bloglepak or miri? pls clarify. Thanks. i think u should install the 'recent comment' widget by disqus so that ur problem will settle.

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