My first girl is now in Year 1

Time passes by so quickly that my eldest daughter is now in Year 1. I transferred her to the primary school next to my work place so that I would not feel worried about her safety. When the class is dismissed, she can simply walk to my school before both of us go home at 2 p.m. On the registration day last week, the Chief UMNO of Tanah Merah, Tuan Haji Ikmal Hisham Abdul Aziz, donated free school bags to all Year 1 pupils in this district. How generous he is! Thanks a lot.

On 3 January 2010, I left for my school at 7 but only arrived 30 minutes later. It had been raining cats and dogs since midnight and the road was flooded while most all of the roads were jammed as parents wanted to take their children to their respective schools in cars. Some errant drivers really got on my nerves by blocking my way. They stopped in the yellow lines! I wonder where they got their driving licenses!

I took my daughter, Dalilah, to her new school at around 8 a.m. I believed that she could fend for herself, so I just left her there under the guidance of her class teacher, unlike other children who insisted on their parents to ‘study’ with them throughout the day.

After fetching her at 1.30 p.m. we went straight home as it was raining heavily. I was completely drenched and going back to school in this uncomfortable condition was unsightly to my colleagues and students. We stopped at a food stall to eat fried noodles and later got caught in a massive traffic jam on our way home. My housing area was flooded but I still had to brave the flood water, or else, I would end up sleeping in the car with my three girls. What a disastrous first day at school in 2010!


14 thoughts on “My first girl is now in Year 1

  1. My turn will be next year.. my elder son will be studying in Kota Damansara school. But yet to decide the exact school should he register to studies!.. might be school in seksyen 11 or seksyen 6… hehehehe

    First day in school must be a hectic day for all parent. Especially, those kids who have never attended some school induction session, such as Tadika, Nursery, Taska & so forth,…

    In facts in KL, due to first day of school, till today, while school hours, the traffic shown graceful to motorist.Traffic flown delicately and smooth.

    Perhaps, the normal life in KL with be back on next week. The metropolitant will again face a congested roads all over again. Flooded with tonnes of vehicle on the streches. Ahaks, jammed will be out there, every where in KL. huhuhu…

    anyway, congatulation though..

  2. salam bro maza,

    I thought you're older than me….yes, parents will face a lot of trouble if their children haven't attended any pre-school classes before. Thank God, my first girl could adapt herself to the new environment. After all, my school is separated with a soccer field from hers, so she can just simply walk back to my room before we go home…

  3. maksudnya kita dah semakin tua bila anak2 dah masuk sek tu…semoga anak2 kita bakal menjadi generasi cemerlang di dunia n akhirat.

  4. IP,

    Terima kasih kerna sudi tinggalkan komen. Nak komen dlm BM pun boleh, x jadi masalah. Sy menulis dlm BI kerna sy cikgu BI. Memertabatkan BM & memperkasakan BI. La, ingatkan semua anak IP dah masuk SMK. InsyaAllah, sy akan jadi GC yg betul2 cemerlang. Kalau tidak, sia2 aje Alimuddin lantik saya baru2 ini. Wallahualam.

  5. sot,

    Thanks a lot for your inspirational words. I also wish you all the best in your future undertakings. If you have a blog, please leave it to me so that I can check it out later. TQ

  6. psst: the age of our children does not reflect a real age of us.. hehehe

    late marriage lorr.. huhuhu

    psst: anyhow, I feel rejuvenate lah pulok. hehhee

  7. yes dak wan, the first day at school will be in our mind forever as it's one stage in life that all children must undergo. See how different our first day with our children's! They now have lots of luxury as compared to us.

  8. salam,

    wah kene ckp omputih ke kat sini hehe… anak IP yg nombor dua pun masuk sekolah tahun nih. Belum terlewat IP nak ucapkan selamat maju jaya untuk tahun 2010 ni moga terus cemerlang…

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