A gift from Nur Amalina Che Bakri’s mum

Do you know Nur Amalina Che Bakri who created a historic feat by achieving 17A1s in SPM 2004? But now, I am not going to write about her, but her mother, Puan Sabariah Hassan, whose sister is teaching in my school. One day, through her sister, Puan Rosmini, she requested me to prepare a text for her public speaking assessment. She was about to undergo a course for DG48 promotion in Johor Bahru. As she was down with fever, she could not prepare it on time. As a result, I came to her rescue by preparing an exceptional piece which I believed would never let her down. To be frank, I did not write the text by myself, but I asked my top student in Form 4 to do it. Of course! I did not entirely let him write it without proper guidelines. Instead, I gave all the points and he came up with this top-notch essay in 24 hours!
As a token of appreciation, Puan Sabariah gave me a tissue box holder which I received from her sister yesterday. It is a precious gift from a determined mother who successfully raised a brilliant daughter to become an idol to all secondary school students in our country.


15 thoughts on “A gift from Nur Amalina Che Bakri’s mum

  1. harga hadiah tak penting tapi ingatan yang di ambilkira. bagaimanapun memang kreatif tempat kertas tisu itu dan saya belum pernah terjumpa ia dijual dimana2. mungkin dia buat sendiri kot.

  2. To al-lavendari,

    la..kira unik la kotak tisu ni? maybe dia beli kat kedai yg tersorok n eksklusif kot? Apa2 pun sy amat menghargai pemberian dia …

  3. great!i really admire nur amalina,a really genius gurl..to the owner,do u have the blog add of nur amalina?em..i'm really looking to know more about her life since there's a lot of rumours abt here these few months..of coz i dun believe it,but i'd like to read opinions,comments,views n anything thrown out by a top student like amalina..bsides,she's a great thinker!!

  4. i am sorry to inform u that i don't have his blog URL, but I will ask her auntie if she can supply me with her email add. But I can't guarantee u… i will do my best.

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