My car has been washed

I bought this Proton Wira while I was still teaching at SMK Majakir, Papar, Sabah back in 2001. Upon knowing the outcome of my transfer application from the school clerk there, Puan Dayang Salmiah, I quickly asked my brother- in-law to book for this model in Kota Bharu with the hope that when I came back to my state, I would be able to use it to commute to my new school. However, it did not materialize as I had to borrow his Mazda for two weeks before my new car arrived.
When it was still new, I always washed and polished it almost every week. But now, I only do it once a month. To make it even worse, I only send it to the nearby car wash centre to get it cleaned as I was lazy to do it alone. After all, I only have to pay RM15 for this service and while waiting for my turn, I can read a newspaper.
The moral of the story is, love your car even though it is already old as it has given a considerable amount of help to you. I am not sure when I can buy a new car as money is always a hindrance to me especially when my three daughters are growing up and more money is needed to pay for their daily expenses and education.

22 thoughts on “My car has been washed

  1. salam Dady,

    Saya tak dak kete… so, tak tahu menghargai kereta lagi… tp kalau moto tu, baru2 beli, tiap2 minggu basuh… la nie, sebulan sekali jer…

    Agak2nya, kalau saya ada keta, cam tu jugak ler saya buat… hehehe

  2. salam.hee..ada kete pun dah kira ok la tu bang

    tu la banyak expenses kan pakai time nak bukak sekolah ni. saya tak ada anak blum kawin lagi tapi tgk mak saya jaga cucu. belikan kasut sekolah baju sume.pastu nak simpan untuk duit belanja sekolah hari-hari lagi.

    tapi yang buat saya risau ni anak buah saya tu pulak malas sket nak blaja. hari tu repot kad dia sorok sain sendiri. mak saya tepon nangis. camna la nak buat. abg ada cadangan? sori la komen yg last2 ni lari tajuk ler pulak

  3. To Abe Syifu,

    dah baper lama x basuh kereta tu? sy gak malas sungguh nak basuh time huje2 gini. jln plak lecah. gunting rambut baper tu? sy suruh barber guna no 1 mcm mawi. lambat la tumbuh.

  4. its raining almost everyday here..
    no point to wash the car. Just need to clear out the inner side to make it always neat n clean.
    But I really miss the shining of my car.

  5. Salam juk
    I still keep my 13 yr old Honda Civic. For her, good maintenance, and she gives me 'no problem' in return. Betul, barang lama yg banyak berjasa patut dijaga & disayangi. Apa lagilah manusia. Termasuklah, ibu & bapa, suami & isteri. Have a nice day!

  6. To lupekanje,

    You are right..Don't waste our time and energy by washing our cars during this rainy season. But I guess, you must be loving ur car a lot, right?

  7. To Uncle Temuk,

    I should learn from u on how to take care of my Wira. Sometimes, I just let the mechanic do everything without asking. How gullible I was! Yang lama dibuang jgn…yang baru terus dikasihi. tanpa yg lama mana ada yg baru, kan?

  8. To al-lavendari,

    Bijak…bijak..dlm suasana ekonomi meleset ni kita perlu berjimat sikit. Kdg2 i nak suruh je anak2 i pakat basuh kereta tu n beri mereka upah. Tapi mrk kecik lagi. blom baligh pun…

  9. To Cik Cookie,

    kereta tu ttp putih sbb memang kaler dia putih. dok pun kereta cik cookie tu albino…susah..susah antar je car wash…siapkan duit je

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