Cheaper Reader’s Digest

Reading has always been my favourite pastime since I first learned ABC. A top SPM scorer from Malay College Kuala Kangsar admitted that he used to read while having his meal, a habit that I always do. The only difference is that he scored 9As in his SPM while I just had to settle for 4As. It’s way back in 1990.

I was first introduced to Reader’s Digest by my English teacher, Mr. Shamsudin Abdul Rahman when I was in Form 2. I studied at Sains Machang Secondary School, Kelantan (SMACH ) for five years and all my TESL-trained teachers really inspired me to brush up on this subject by carrying out interesting activities during lessons. At first, I found it difficult to comprehend the level of language used in the magazine due to the lack of exposure to this second language, but I managed to pull through, somehow. I slowly started to enjoy reading English newspapers and magazines and this helped me to improve my four language skills, namely reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Now, if you wish to subscribe to Reader’s Digest at discounted price, you may contact my friend, Nasrun Ismail who owns his own distribution company, Ilham Pintar. The newsstand price is RM15 per issue but you can get RM6 cheaper here. The subscription form can be downloaded here.

Mohd Nasrun Ismail,
Ilham Pintar Resources,
A-2-3A, 8 Avenue,
Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 017-2182999, 019-3626888.


14 thoughts on “Cheaper Reader’s Digest

  1. To Nur,

    You should subscribe to RD now especially during these days where reading is no longer considered as the favourite pastime to many people.

  2. To a.n.n.e,

    Yes, anne, instead of paying RM148 if u opt for a year's subscription with them, u'd better contact encik nasrun so that u won't miss this chance. After all, we have to be economical in this economic downturn era.

  3. nice,good stuff for readerholicks..
    erm,I do love certain article that written in english,but prefer chat wth foreigner via skype,.haha
    in case one wanted to improve he/her english,the most profitable choices must be considered.


  4. Do you think that those wishing to master the English languange should also read English newspapers regularly? And listen to the radio, besides watching the TV? Of course they should choose the right programmes. Salam.

  5. To Aus,

    yes, chatting with foreigners on skype is one of the effective ways to improve one's English. I used to do that b4, but due to family n work committment. I rarely have ample time to do so. so, the best choice is through reading this small-sized mag.

  6. To Uncle Temuk,

    All methods mentioned by you are effective in improving one's command of this language. What works for me might not suit you. So it's up to your liking. Salam Maal Hijrah to u n family.

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