I sold my notebook at mudah.my

After using my Acer notebook for four years, I thought that it was the time for me to buy a new one. I searched around on the Net and in the market and decided to buy a Compaq notebook. It is just for a change as my desktop was made by Acer. The new notebook costs me RM1699 and it’s bundled with Windows 7. Unfortunately, when I tried to connect to the Net via Celcom Mobile broadband service, I realized that the USB modem did not support the new OS. So I had to take it back to the shop and asked the technician to install Windows Vista instead. However, he was not a competent technician as he took four days to reinstall the new OS. I was mad with him as he took a long time to accomplish his task. I really needed the notebook urgently since I had some notes to type out. Yes, during this long school vacation, I stay at home to prepare my teaching materials for the coming year.

As for the old notebook, I sold it to a policeman from Kuala Terengganu who was on duty in Rantau Panjang during the recent flood season. I advertised it at http://www.mudah.my and it only took me thirty minutes to get the first caller after the advertisement was posted there. As the keyboard was faulty, I agreed to sell it for RM560. After all, he had to fork out at least RM120 to get it replaced. So we met in Tanah Merah and the item was finally sold. But I had to make sure that all documents, bookmarks and other private data had been moved to the new laptop for safety reasons. So I strongly advise all of you to sell your used and unwanted items at http://www.mudah.my. At least you can earn some side income by doing this.


33 thoughts on “I sold my notebook at mudah.my

  1. salam..me also just got a new lappy..dell and cost me 5K…need powerful lappy sebab byk software kena install for my work. Old acer dh slow dan tak mampu nk menampung…asyik crash bila nak run software yg diperlukan. Still keep the old one..tak sampai ati nak jual coz lappy tu pun cepat panas dh…

  2. To Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani,

    I think when u want to come back to Malaysia, u might have to sell some of ur used items to get some money for ur daily expenses…

  3. To Arsaili,

    I am glad to hear that u have bought a new notebook. Yes, sometimes a personal item gives us a sentimental value which is hard for us to forget. But I cannot afford to keep many valuable things at home as I am always away on weekends. Breaks-in are prevalent in my housing area!

  4. To Dak Wan,

    TQ di atas tip berguna tu. setakat ni i jumpa pembeli tu in person. seharusnya mcm tu la. baru kedua2 belah pihak puas hati dgn urusan jual beli. dulu i beli thesaurus secara online di kinokuniya tp x puas hati tul. dlm gambar saiz netbook tp bila sampai saiz kotak rokok. dah la harganya mahal! geram tul.

  5. To fAiRuLLaH's de GrEaT!,

    Memang di tempat kita org kurang buat jual beli di internet sbb belum ada rasa percaya n keyakinan terhadap online biz. seekor kerbau membawa lumpur habis semuanya terpalit.

  6. To AzuanBudakPandai,

    Nanti ada la benda yg u teringin nak beli bila berada di mudah.com.my. barang2 lama yg x muat n u nak buang tp masih berkeadaan elok tu boleh je dijual di sana.

  7. maknanya selepas di install benda2 tu, notebook cikgu dah boleh berfungsi spt yang diharapkan. terus terang saya kata, saya ni OKU dalam IT, banyak perkataan IT yg cikgu guna saya langsung x faham. agaknya bila umur dah senja ni lembab sikit. tapi saya cuba juga ikut peredaran zaman dgn bantuan anak2.

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