My daughter is addicted to the Internet

I believe that kids nowadays are more advanced than their predecessors in every aspect, for example, information technology, exam results and social ills. Just look at the number of top scorers in the public exams. During my time, it was a rare phenomenon to see a student scored straight As in SPM. But, last year, a Kelantanese girl scored 191A’s. That’s definitely awesome!
But what I want to write here is about my eldest daughter, Dalilah. She has started to pick up some internet browsing skills by observing her father using his notebook almost every day. I have never taught her how to search for video clips in YouTube, but she is able to do it somehow. After watching a movie on television, she will search for the similar title online with the hope that she can download and watch it offline. At this moment, she is hooked to online girl games such as Barbie, Princess and Winx Club. Sometimes, she fights for the internet access with me and her uncle. I have a Celcom Mobile Broadband service at home, so the three of us take turn to browse the Internet. My brother is a heavy YM chatter while I spend most of my time online by blogging and making new friends through facebook and hi5.
What I can conclude here is that children should be exposed to the Internet but the parents must control their children so that they do not venture into the dark side of the cyber world.


21 thoughts on “My daughter is addicted to the Internet

  1. speaking about computers addicted…
    who would not huh juk??
    and i agree…it must be allowed with constant watch outs from the parents.
    comel2 tiga dara sedondon awak tu juk…

  2. awesome but children need to be monitored so that they won't come upon some banned website and neglecting some quality time at home.i admit that children nowadays are so much lucky than my generations

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    blog anda bagus dan bermanfaat…!!! Teruskan menulis.. Semoga sejahtera dan semoga sentiasa diberi keberkatan.. wassalam.

  5. To Nur,Nura, Nurad, Yani,

    I just bought 2 DVDs for Dalilah. I hope she will find them useful and
    enjoyable. I have a laptop and a desktop.

    To +betterSINGLE+,

    I think it's not too young to browse the net at 6.

    To hazeleyed,

    Yes, I also got hooked to facebook n blogspot. TQ sbb puji 3 dara sy.
    kalau nak berbesan apa salahnya. heheheh

    To zanetti_be,

    I always check on my kids so that they only use the PC after reading
    books and completing their homework, if any.

    To nataliaku,

    don't keep staring at the monitor, or else u will end up wearing
    glasses like me. hehehheeh

    To Shifu67,

    Like father like daughters….mestilah ngadap PC sokmo sbb abg tu JU

    To Al Quds Travel,

    Kalau ada promotion ke Baghdad i nak ikut la…

    To alaqim,

    Ya, kita semua perlu celik komputer. nanti jd mcm katak di bawah tempurung plak..

    To Cik Cookie,

    Yes, we are from pangkal meleret, his name is Mohd Izzad. He told me
    that u r from rantau panjang. is it right?

    To Leen Mohd,

    It's better for u to buy another PC or a notebook for the whole

    To nophie,

    Yes, I monitor them while they are browsing the net.

    To Fathi Adha,

    Yes, the present generation is luckier than us. I only knew about the Internet when I was 25yo.

    To Triple M,

    TQ sbb follow blog sy. Sila beri URL blog awak utk sy follow. TQ. u r welcome….

    To nOj,

    Dalilah is 6 yo. Kita kena lebih tahu drp budak2 nanti dikenakan oleh mrka plak.

    To naimayob,

    Sama2. Sudah tentu kita boleh bersahabat di alam maya.

    To NURA,

    Salam persahabatan. Anak2 saya suka buat lawak.

    To [S]itie [B]Um [B]Um,

    Sama le kita. sama2 addicted to the Internet.



    Terima kasih di atas tazkirah itu. Insya Allah akan sy jadikan amalan.

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