Dalilah’s Mini Convocation

The big day finally came but with heavy torrential rains in Kelantan, my spirit of celebrating my eldest daughter’s final day at her kindergarten almost went downhill. I was stranded at my sister’s bungalow in the village on the fateful Saturday morning. The sole access road to Machang was heavily flooded so I was worried if my eight-year-old Wira could not pass through. At first I did not want to attend the function, but my sister urged me be there as it was the historic day for her niece. So off I went with Dalilah and her younger sister, Dalili.
True to my belief, ahead lying a stretch of 100-metre flooded passage waiting for me to drive through. Thank God, I managed to accomplish the mission despite feeling my car turned into a boat.
We arrived at the Town Hall at 9.15 am. Luckily, the event had yet to start as the school administration had to wait for the other parents and pupils who might have stranded on their way there. The event finally started at 9.30 with all pupils sang their kindergarten theme song. Then, a bubbly girl came onstage to tell a folktale followed by my girl who was chosen by her teacher to recite a poem entitled ‘My School’. Dalilah was the fifth in her class but she came out top in the English Language Paper.
Then, all six-year-old students received their scrolls, signifying their completion of studies at the kindergarten, from the guest-of-honour, Tuan Haji Izhab Ismail. The VIP is actually a friend of mine who is now holding a top post in the district education office.
The event ended at 11.15 and all parents and pupils were treated to fried noodles and ‘roti jala’. It was a simple but consequential occasion, especially to the children involved.


12 thoughts on “Dalilah’s Mini Convocation

  1. anak2 akan rasa dihargai kalau ibubapa ada masa bersama utk meraikan kejayaan mereka ye cikgu 😀 Tgk berita di tv kelantan dah mula di landa banjir ye, kesian calon2 spm & stpm.

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