SPM is back! Are you ready, boys and girls?

SPM is back! For this year, my school produces 125 candidates from four classes of form 5. As usual, girls outnumber boys. My respectable principal, Madam Sabariah, has entrusted me with three 3 classes. The first, third and the last. Well, she is my boss and a good teacher needs not to be choosy. But the last class gives me a slight challenge in teaching a few absent-minded boys who refuse to listen to me while I am teaching. Frankly speaking, I am able to educate an academically challenged student, but to make a lazy brat to absorb my lessons is indeed an uphill task. Last year, there was a form 5 student whom I thought could not get through this public exam as he was barely able to compose a decent Bahasa Melayu composition, what more an English one, which is still perceived as a foreign language by some students of mine. Nevertheless, he managed to score an ‘E’ for my paper and a credit for mathematics. His name is Azam, and he truly lives up to his name.
As an SPM secretary, I have to set the exam hall ready by rearranging all the desks and chairs. For this task, I got some help from Class 5 Aurum. The job was done in 3 hours. Before that, we had the ‘solat hajat’ session with all parents of form five students in the morning. Then, we had a special ceremony called ‘majlis izin ilmu,’ loosely translated as ‘knowledge blessing ceremony’ in which all subject teachers gave their last tips to the candidates. Finally, the teachers and pupils shook hands and asked for forgiveness.
So, come 18 November 2009, my students will go to the battlefield prepared. Insya Allah.
And on the following day, please repeat the previous year’s achievement, 100% passes in English at the SPM level. The first ever in the district of Tanah Merah, Kelantan. And who contributed to the feat? Me, a TESL graduate from the University of Malaya………….


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