Monsoon History

On Wednesday and Thursday I usually ride my eight-year old motorcycle to school in order to avoid the rush hour traffic in the second busiest town in Kelantan. Little did I know that this morning the heavy downpour started to attack this east coast state. I could not ride back home due to incessant rain and I did not dare to brave the traffic especially with slippery road. So I left my motorbike at school with the hope that the rain would cease soon. Thank God, my friend, Azrul Tan offered me a ride in his refurbished Gallant car. He fetched me home and upon my arrival, I dashed straight to the kitchen to have my lunch.
After taking my lunch and performing my Zuhur prayer, I took a nap since my three princesses were not around. When I woke up at 5.45 pm, I performed my Asar prayer and asked my younger brother, who has been living with me since early last year, to go with me to the school to bring back the motorcycle. When we reached there, it was already almost 7 pm. I pity for him as he had to brave the down pouring rain on his way back. But I was not spared either. On my way home, I had to run errands, so I also got wet. So, here I am, writing out my post while listening to the down pouring rain outside!


9 thoughts on “Monsoon History

  1. sekarang musim hujan..
    so sediakan payung sebelum hujan
    tp biarlah payung yg boleh memayungi bukan payung yg akan hanyut dibawa arus.

    BTW.. terima kasih melawat bicara santai.. datang la lagi kita santai bersantai.

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