Leaking pipe

What will you feel when you turn on the tap in the early morning, only to find out that there is water disruption at your house? I am used to experience this kind of problem for the past two years as my house is not installed with water tank, which is supposed to be a must-have to all houses. But I was left with no money after my house was fully completed in early 2007. So, I decided not to have one until my savings account grew, which it never did! Furthermore, I resorted to not having an internal roof-top water tank for fear that the water tank will collapse and fall apart on me while sleeping at night!
But I was wrong. The new housing area where I live is actually a water-disruption prone area. It is a norm to have water disruption at least twice a week. So often it is until I have to store the mobile phone number of the Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd senior technician in Tanah Merah. When this problem occurs, I give him a call straight away. If I notice a leaking pipe in my area, he is the one who I will turn to.
Come this school holiday, I will build an outdoor water tank stand which is able to store water in emergency. At least I can depend on the water for 24 hours before it dries up.


7 thoughts on “Leaking pipe

  1. Yeah water breakdown plus leaking pipe.. double problem.. most people can stand without electricity but quite hard to stand without water.. but I guess since the problem been there for almost every week.. u must have been getting along with it.. I used to have this problem as well at my mum house.. so we used to store up water during night time coz that the time the water pressure seem to be up to excellent level..
    Looking at that pool of leaking water.. i guess kids must be the one who enjoying it more.. 😉
    Posted on Leaking pipe.

  2. salam cg cemerlang,

    suami kak nab oghe kelate dok kb…so tau la about this H2O problem in kelantan…in fact dia ada buat kontrak kecil2an di kb…dia buat keje2 pipe-jacking…tp yg sedihnya sykt air kelantan ni…payment very2 slow…slowest ever!

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