My new F1 shirt

I have been using this orange F1 shirt since 2007 and it was presented to me and other colleagues by then Member of Parliament, YB Ir. Dato’ Shaari Hassan. As it has faded in colour, I felt that it’s the time for me to buy a new one. It’s a practice in my school where all teachers should wear F1 shirts on Wednesday as it’s declared as the co-curricular day. As usual, on Thursday, all teachers wear batik shirts.

Last week, I went to Docnan Store to order a new F1 shirt. This time around, I chose a Dunhill red colour which would make me more outstanding than other teachers… the price is just RM88 including the embroidery. OK, then I can wear these two shirts alternately on Wednesdays.


2 thoughts on “My new F1 shirt

  1. Daddy Zuki nampak lebih “handsome” dengan baju F1 yang baharu tuh! Boleh buat “collection” dan nanti jual apabila ada “event”…


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