As a teacher, I should follow the following principles.
1. Enthuse students.
2. Treat students as individuals.
3. Know the subject
4. Be loving and warm
5. Teach for learning
6. Empathize with students
7. Relate to parents and the wider community.
8. Be firm, fair and flexible
9. Be organized
10. Prepare students for life
11. Manage the classroom
12. Have high self-esteem
13. Have a sense of humor
14. Be a total person with a full life outside school
15. Take risks
The big question is, to what extent can I adhere to the above list?


  1. salam..
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    i bet u found my link from Pn Rahmah's blog.
    well, she was my english teacher when I was in F1 till F4.
    Indeed she is great.

    hope we can help each other..

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