Have I gone senile?

When it comes to a certain part of a man’s life, he will start to have this phenomenon called ‘losing-thing stage’. I am in the midst of this state. Let me explain to you. A day before Ramadan, I lost my maroon Sony Ericsson mobile phone while getting out of my sister’s car. I didn’t realize when that thing slipped from my belt. It just disappeared from my life just like that.

Last week, I again lost a valuable item, my BIMB ATM card. However, I managed to prevent further loss by calling the bank call centre to block the usage of my card. I only had to pay RM18 to the back as a replacement fee.

Then this afternoon, I lost my mouth ulcer cream. I dropped by a mosque near my school to perform my Zuhur prayer as the SPM post-mortem meeting ended at 3.20 pm. My principal couldn’t stop talking once she got to hold a microphone. I simply can’t remember how the cream vanished from my sight. If only I could remember, I would have traced back the route from my house to school.

In a nutshell, have I gone senile? Please…I am still very young to contract Alzheimer disease! 


3 thoughts on “Have I gone senile?

  1. Setiap apa yang berlaku tu adalah kehendak dari DIA sebenarnya bagi menguji tahap kesabaran seseorang. Lebih lebih lagi insan seperti anda…. Yang paling penting sekarang ni, perbanyakkan Kesyukuran dengan apa yang diberi buat semetara hayat masih ada….
    Salam Syawal ke 18 bro….
    73, Jumpa & jumpa lagi

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