It’s time to go back to school!!!!

It’s time to go back to school after a ten-day break for Hari Raya. I was eager to enter my first class on that very first day, only to be told by the students of that class that my period had just ended! Wow! I had overlooked the time table. Then, I went to see my principal to ask for her permission to go back early as I had to attend a meeting organised by JPN at New Pacific Hotel, Kota Bharu at 5 o’clock in the evening. As usual, once you meet this chatty lady you cannot ask her to end the conversation. Thank God, the Senior Assistant 3 chipped in and I was eventually released! I arrived home at 11 am and then I hit the sack as I was counting the sheep the night before. I woke up at 1.30 pm and dashed to the nearest food stall to buy myself a lunch. After having my lunch and performing Zuhur prayer, I left for Kota Bharu at around 3 pm and arrived at my destination 75 minutes later. My buddy, Wan Zairi had booked a room for us that night even though he would not stay overnight as his house was only 15 km away from the hotel. So, I had to sleep alone that night and endure a sleepless night in Kota Bharu again! I hate shifting bed as I cannot sleep soundly on the first night. As I can say, home is where the heart is.


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