English Language Excellent Teacher

I did apply for the Excellent Teacher post back in early 2007 but only received its feedback from the State Education Department (SED) two days ago. A colleague of mine who has been in this category since 2006 gave me a call that day about me having to attend a special function organised by SED at SMK Tiang Chandi, Pasir Mas, Kelantan. I prompted him to give further details but he seemed to be evasive. Little did he know that I made a call to the respective school about the ‘secret function’, only to be told about the memo giving ceremony to the deserving recipients.
And off I went to that school on 8 September 2009 for the event. There, I met my second cousin who was also offered the post as ‘Guru Cemerlang’. We did chat for a few minutes before the event was initiated by the master of ceremony. Later I realised that this post came at the wrong time as I was already in time-based DG44 scale. The only add-on is that the new post carries the title ‘Guru Cemerlang Bahasa Inggeris’. I was later informed that a few senior teachers there were reluctant to accept the offer as it almost means nothing to them. Initially, they were expecting to be promoted to DG48, which was of higher scale.
After arriving home I later called up my colleagues, Puan Latifah and Encik Narzuki. They strongly urged me to take up the offer as it was hard to come by. In addition, this new post of ‘Guru Cemerlang’will make me stand a better chance of being promoted to DG48 in the same category.
In a nutshell, I will accept this new post as it provides a better and shorter path for career advancement in the future. Insya Allah.


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