1. Location
Choose a club close to either your home or your workplace, whichever makes more sense.
2. Convenience
Think of all your favorite excuses for skipping workouts, then choose a club that eliminates them. If you travel constantly, for example, join a club that’s part of a national chain.
3. Facilities and services* Even if all you want from a gym is weights and tasteful lighting, you should give yourself more options. Someday you may want the pool, physical therapists, or childcare, if not the Kardio Goose-Stepping class.
4. Atmosphere
Get a free workout pass, go when you plan to use the club, and soak it in. 
5. People
You can tell a lot about the club’s appeal by the longevity of its employees. “It’s a bad sign if none of them has been there for more than a few years,” says Morgan.
6. Upkeep
Tour the club the way a new girlfriend would check out your apartment. Warning signs include equipment strewn about, out-of-order machines, scummy showers, and bottles of expired antibiotics.
7. Price
“You’re not going to find significant price differences among clubs with comparable facilities and services,” says Morgan. That’s why price is last on our list. It’s best to choose the club you want based on the other factors, then find a way to fit the cost into your budget.

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