My new routine during Ramadan

My typical day of Ramadan starts at 4.45 a.m. when I wake up for my sahur. It’s an uphill task for me as my sleep is disturbed and as a result, I will experience sleepiness in the following morning at school. But if I don’t take my sahur, then I will be starving. So, it’s better to get up and heat the food that I have bought at Pasar Ramadan. I normally head to school before 7 o’clock and reach my destination 30 minutes later. But it all depends on the traffic flow that morning.

At school I have to teach my students as usual. Since the form 5 students are sitting for their trial exam until Hari Raya then I have to invigilate it. Yes, it’s quite boring to stare at these students struggling to attempt the exam questions. The weak ones resort to cheating in the exam due to lack of preparation.  

When the bell rings at 2 pm, I start my car’s engine and zoom home. After taking my bath and performing my Zuhur prayer, I take a nap until 5 p.m.  Then, I wake up, perform my Asar prayer and go to town to buy some food and drinks for the breaking of fast.

After breaking my fast and performing my Maghrib prayer, I go to the mosque for my Tarawih prayer. I am not a staunch Muslim, so I just do it for 8 rakaats. By the time it’s done, it is almost 9.40 p.m. I still have about 2 hours to do all household chores before hitting the sack at around 11.30. 


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