PC Fair at KB Mall on 15 August

Since the fasting month is just around the corner, I spent this Saturday shopping at the PC Fair organised by PIKOM in KB Mall. The journey to KB from my house in Tanah Merah took slightly more than an hour so I needed to arrive at my destination before lunch hour to avoid mad rush by other PC-savvy shoppers. On the last day, most outlets offered their lowest price but not to the extend of suffering loss on their side. I drove all the way from my house, which is about 50km, just to purchase a brand new pen drive which can store up to 16GB of files and so on. The one that I saw at a computer shop in my hometown cost me RM105 but here, I managed to buy one which is RM12 cheaper than the former! It’s indeed worth my travelling with two small girls on board. So, with this new pen drive I expect to store more songs and files. My eldest girl now knows how to move around files in my desktop and notebook. To play safe, I will save all the important files and songs onto this new pen drive.


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