Feed your blog to twitter and more

Right now, I am killing three birds with one stone. So do u want to know why I am writing this? Actually, I have integrated the three services namely blogger, twitter and facebook under the same roof. When I post a blog on blogger, the post will also appear in the other two sites. This means you will get to read the same update in three sites. It not only saves time and energy, but also draws more traffic and responses to the sites involved. So if you want to try out this great service, simply check out this site: http://twitterfeed.com/
I hope everything is clear. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Feed your blog to twitter and more

  1. ya, betul tu. tu la 3 dara pingitanku. selamat pagi. kalau dah luka pastlah berdarah, kan? jadi cepat2 la sapu minyak gamat. tengkiu sbb puji saya. Semoga dirimu dirahmati Allah selalu. BTW, are u Faiz?

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