My home can now get 3G coverage!

Surfing the Net has never been the same with the 3G coverage that my notebook can detect for the past few days. Previously, my online experience was a headache as I had to bear the GPRS signal which was a little bit slower than a snail moving from one end to another end. At first, I couldn’t believe myself when my younger brother told me about this good news. However, this 3G coverage is still probationary or unstable because of two reasons. First, the 3G coverage is unavailable in the morning and sadly, my newly-bought desktop cannot detect the 3G signal. It still shows GPRS icon despite my trying to connect and disconnect for a few times. Anyway, thanks to Celcom for expanding your 3G coverage in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. Finally, my complaint didn’t fall on deaf ears.

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