So many blogs but with few visitors! I am tired of this!

I am maintaining a few blogs hosted at In fact, I have 15 blogs under my control. But sad to say, my blogs lack of popularity or traffic. That’s what I can say. I really envy those bloggers who can obtain so many comments from their visitors. But for me, to get one in a month is like a miracle. My first blog, has been visited by visitors from 103 countries but only three of them left me comments. Yes, this blog receive visitors almost everyday but they are hesitant to leave comments or suggestions. I used to post 8 entries per month but now I keep it to 6. Well, I might reduce it to 4 monthly if I don’t receive any response from visitors.
As for another blog,, I try to minimise its postings to 4 per month. To raise its popularity, I export its content to its sister site, This means both blogs have the similar posts.  At present, daddy-zuki has only 3 followers and I hope more will join the group.
My personal blog, the one that you are reading now is also losing its popularity. However, I try to post articles or updates every five days. To gain its popularity, I even integrate this blog with and The end result is, whatever post published here will also appear in twitter and facebook.
In a nutshell, I might call it a day to blogging as I can hardly gain moral support from my visitors. I have other important things to do rather than sending posts to unread blogs. I hope that’s clear. Thank you. 

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