I have finally got my promotion to DG44

After being in the teaching profession for almost 12 years, I finally received my promotion letter this afternoon. Actually, I should have got it last year. But, thanks to the blunder made by my state education deparment, so I have to wait for another year to get my share. 
However, my seniority and arrears are not affected as the new grade, i.e. DG44 took effect from Sept 16, 2007. This means I will get lots of money after Hari Raya which I expect to be almost RM15K. 
To get my appointment letter, I had to drive all the way from my hometown to Kota Bharu. My friend, Abrari, who’s in the same boat, accompanied me there. We arrived at the State Education Department at 4pm. Then, we went straight away to the Promotion Office to collect it. 
After everything was settled there, I went to PC Depot, a popular computer shop in KB to buy a new PC as my old one is out of service. It costs me almost RM900. But to me, money can be found, but the satisfaction is hard to come by. So I paid for it in full, but using my Citibank credit card, lah.

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