Food in Kelantan

Kelantan Darul Naim is not only known with its variety of cultures but also famous with its unique food. For centuries, the originality of the taste made by the ancestors is not changed. For those who come to visit here must try this traditional food. You will not forget the taste and for sure you will dream to have it again.
Nasi Kerabu

It comes in three colours which are black, yellow and white. It is eaten with raw vegetables as well as special ‘ sambal ikan ‘. It is often taken as breakfast and also for dinner.
Nasi Dagang

If you are in Kelantan, don’t forget to try and enjoy eating ‘ Nasi Dagang ‘. It is based on red glutinous rice and served with fish curry and raw pickles.
Nasi Tumpang 

This special dish is a combination of various rice and curry which is arranged in the layer of triangular banana leaf wrapper.

This type of food is based on rice powder and is served with white coconut milk curry. This traditional recipe is rich of fish and coconut milk. When serving, it is added with leaves eaten raw or ‘ ulam ‘.
Solok Lada

The uniqueness of this type of food is where the filling is placed inside the chilly. The filling is made from flesh coconut, fish fillet and coconut milk. This tasty food is suitable to be taken with ‘Nasi Kerabu’ which is also Kelantan traditional food.
Sambal Daging (Meat Floss) 

The meat is cut into small pieces and cooked using special spice until it is truly dried. It is delicious to be taken by itself or served with rice.
Gulai Darat 

This original spicy curry is prepared using meat as its main ingredient.

This food is based on fish and then made into sauce. It is taken with grilled fish or meat.
Ayam Percik

Grilled chicken with coconut milk sauce is traditionally cooked using original ingredients as heritage. It is served as a special dish for the family members or special guests.
Jala Mas

This is a very popular cake or ‘ kuih ‘ in Kelantan. It is based on eggs and sugar and it is known as a Royal Cake. It can only be found in this state. 
Lompat Tikam

It can be prepared for daily dish or served during special occasion. This tasty food is not only attractive to the locals but also to the outsiders.
Tepung Pelita

This food is based on flour, coconut milk and sugar. It has two layers. The first layer is coconut milk and for the second layer is flour and sugar. It is put into banana leaf which has been made as its cup.
Ketupat Sotong 

This tasty food is made by putting glutinous rice into the cuttlefish and it is cooked with brown sugar or known as ‘gula melaka’ as its sauce. It is eaten with other traditional ‘ kuih ’.

It has a variety of colors and taste. It also has different names from one another based on the ingredients used. It is easy to get this food in Kelantan.

The ingredients are durian flesh and sugar. It takes a few hours to make the food well cooked.
Pulut Manis

This sweet dish is served as dessert. The main ingredient is glutinous rice which is cooked with brown sugar.
Pulut Bakar

The shape is round and it is wrapped in banana leaf. The taste is delicious and it has sweet aroma.
Pulut Panggang

The shape is oblong and it is wrapped in banana leaf. The cooked glutinous rice is saltless but the filling which is coconut flesh and fish fillet makes this ‘ kuih ’ the most favourite one.
Buah Tanjung

It is sweet as well as its name. This food is also known as a Royal Kelantan food.
Puteri Mandi

This sweet ‘ kuih’ is made from rice powder and taken with sweet flesh coconut.

It is known as ‘ Akok Kelantan ’ because of its sweet aroma. The ingredient are eggs and ‘ gula melaka ’

Nasi Berlauk

This is the most Kelantanese favourite food. Simple and tasty. It is served with white rice and fish curry and it is traditionally cooked.

Tahi Itik

Although it is quite sweet, it is delicious to eat. The ingredients are eggs, coconut milk and sugar. It has varieties of shapes according to the chef.

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