Snore No More!

Unlike some smokers, most snorers really do want to quit. To prevent/subdue snoring, try the following tactics:

  • Sleep and wake up at the same time every day.
  • Use extra pillows to raise the head of your bed by 8-10 cm. This facilitates airflow.
  • Have a light dinner, at least 3 hours before bed.
  • Don’t eat dairy products before bedtime.
  • Avoid alcohol in the last 4 hours before bed (alcohol relaxes the throat muscles).
  • Stop smoking.
  • Avoid sleeping pills, tranquillisers, antihistamines — they tend to depress the central nervous system, make the tongue floppy and throat muscles loose.
  • Place a container of water in the room to increase humidity. A dry throat vibrates more than a moist one.
  • Get your partner/roommate to roll you on your side when you snore.
  • Sew a tennis ball to your pyjama top near the small of the back. This ensures you lie on your side.
  • If overweight, go on a fitness regimen to firm up and lose weight.
  • Use specially designed adhesive (nasal) strips that lift the nostrils and facilitate nasal breathing. Studies have shown that such nasal strips reduce snore volume, daytime sleepiness, and mouth dryness.
  • Unfortunately, most other anti-snoring devices usually work only by keeping the snorer awake.

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