Free credit cards for you!


When your bank asks for annual fees, here’s why you say goodbye.


EON Bank Credit Cards are free for life. That’s right! Absolutely no annual fees! Spend RM100 on your Classic Card or RM200 on your Gold Card in the first month to get a waiver for your first year annual fee. Subsequent year renewal fee will be waived if you spend at least 12 times on your Classic Card or 24 times on your Gold Card over the preceding 12 months.




Citibank Choice Credit Card is also free for life provided you perform two (2) transactions per month.




Alternatively, you can also apply for Direct Access credit card which is exclusively reserved for professionals and graduates. Once approved, you will get both cards, namely Visa and MasterCard. The good thing is, they are gold cards, not the classic ones! However, only those with a minimum annual income of RM30, 000 need to apply. There is no condition involved. This means you can keep the card in your drawer until you die without having to feel worried of being charged of the annual fee by the issuer.




Lastly, you can also try an Islamic credit card offered by Bank Islam Berhad. It’s free for the first year. But for subsequent years, you need to spend a minimum of RM120 transaction to enjoy the fee waiver.





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